Using Advertising Images

The Ad Images feature allow images to be displayed on the menu at periodic times and allows you to upload images, specify which days and what times of the day the image will appear.

To access Ad Images, go to the Management tab. There you will see the ‘Ad Images’ button. Clicking this will bring up a screen that shows all current ad images in the system. Here you can remove ones that are no longer needed and add new ones by clicking the ‘New’ button.

Clicking the New button or double-clicking an existing ad image will bring up the Ad Image edit screen.



Image Name: This is a name for you to refer to the Ad image by. It is used in the list of ad images screen.

Change (button): This allows you to browse for an image on your computer to upload to our servers. By default ad image portion of the menu is 1920×750 pixels. If your image is not this size, it will be proportionally re-sized to fit this space. The image can be in any standard graphics format (jpg, png, gif, or bmp)

Clear (button): This clears the graphic image.

Start Date: This is the date the image will start displaying on the menu. If the ‘Recurring’ checkbox is not checked, it will only display on that single date.

Start Time: This is the time the image will start displaying on the menu.

Stop Time: This is the time the image will stop displaying on the menu.

Next Day checkbox: Use this if the stop time occurs on the next day (for instance if the time the image should display ends early the next morning).

Recurring: If this ad image will display on more than one day, this should be checked.

Recurrence Pattern: Ad Images can be displayed

Daily: this will display every ‘x’ days, where x defaults to 1 (so every day)

Weekly: this will display every x weeks (by default every week), on the days that are checked.

Monthly: this allows for the image to be displayed on certain dates of the month.

Yearly: this allows for the image to be displayed at certain times of the year

Range of Recurrence: This specifies how many days the ad image will be shown. If ‘No End Date’ is selected, the image will be shown indefinitely. Otherwise a specific stop date can be specified, or for a certain number of occurrences. Each day the ad image is shown is considered an occurrence.

Display Duration: Each menu has a default duration to show an ad image. This can be overridden by specifying a time in seconds here for how long the ad image will be displayed. The time between ad images is set on the individual menu’s settings.

Displayed On Menus: This will list every menu in your system that can display ad images. Check which menu(s) you wish the ad image to display on.



In the Operations Application, select Management Area > Settings > Menus Tab. You can adjust parameters for each menu in your system by double clicking on the menu line.

Select the Features tab and specify the default period of how long an ad image will be displayed, and how long the menu will be displayed between ad images. Normally this is around 10 seconds on and 120 seconds (two minutes) off.

Here is a ZIP file ( containing two designed images you can use to promote the mobile app download for your location to your guests.

Many of our customers use these images for the Ad Image feature for your digital menu (operations/management/ad images) as well as posting them on their Instagram, Instagram and Facebook.

As always, we offer you as much assistance as you need, so if you have further questions, call us or book a training session at your convenience.