Mobile Operations Adding & Editing Kegs

This page is intended for customers using DigitalPour’s inventory and menu management system.

If you are not a customer and are interested in a demo, reach out to us via the Contact Us page.



Log into Mobile Ops and Select Your Location’s Menu

If you have not logged into Mobile Ops please see “Mobile Operations Overview” for steps to get registered and logged in.


Once you are logged in and at your Location Menu, choose your On Deck View.

Add Keg from On Deck View

You will see a new control – Add Keg – at the top of your On Deck View/List. You will be able to search and add Kegs to your inventory.

Step 1

Tap the “Add Keg” button to get started

You will see a search field ready for you to type the beverage you are wanting to add.

Type your search string and tap the Search button. A list of results will be displayed. These results could be both Producer and Beverage name

Tap on the Beverage you want to add to your On Deck list.

If you can’t find your beverage, it may not be in the DigitalPour database yet. If that is the case, you will need to go to your Windows Operations Program and add a new beverage.

Keg Details

    Step 2

    The next screen shows the Keg Details:

    1. How many kegs you are adding to your inventory
    2. How much you paid for the keg
    3. Whether there is a Deposit fee for the keg
    4. The Type of keg it is
    5. The keg Size
    6. The Coupler you were connecting to
    7. The Storage Location (Note: most locations only have one storage lcoation and that name is “Cooler”)

    After filling out this information, tap the Next button in the upper right of the screen. Note: If you are editing a text field, the upper right will have a keyboard icon. You will need to dismiss the keyboard before tapping Next.

    Pricing and Glassware

    Step 3

    This screen shows you the Prices and Glassware you have set up in your DigitalPour set up via Pricing Formulas.

    Tapping the Edit button next to each item will give you display and price editing options.

    You can choose where this size/glassware is displayed: On your Big Screen, On Mobile Devices, and Available for Take Out.

    You can change which glassware icon you would like to display by tapping the Pencil icon to the right of Glassware.

    You can override the Price on this glassware. The default price that is displayed is from your Pricing Formula.

    You can also adjust glassware Display Size and Pour Size.

    If you tap the Remove button it will remove this particular glass/price from this Keg(s) and not be displayed.

    Note: Generally, you will not need to adjust these items if your Pricing Formula is set up to your day-to-day requirements.

    Keg Attributes


    Step 4

    You can set graphical attributes to your keg (e.g. hoppy, citrus, etc.) by tapping the Pencil icon to the right of Attribute. If you have custom icons set up in your Windows Ops Program, they will display in the Custom Icon section.

    If the keg you are adding is special and you do not want to Tap it yet, marking Do Not Tap will mark it as such.

    Step 5

    Tapping the Add button will submit the new keg to DigitalPour’s servers and will now appear in your On Deck list.


    Edit Keg from On Deck

    You will see some new controls when viewing a keg from you On Deck List:

    • Adjust Keg Level: This feature is not quite ready, but will be available soon.
    • Edit Keg: This button will take you to the Add/Edit screens that were description in the above steps. As you walk through those steps, the information you provided during the Add will be displays and available for editing.
    • Add More Kegs: This will give you a counter so you can add more of the target keg.
    • Remove Keg: This will display a control that will allow you to remove a keg from inventory. Please note that you can only remove one keg at a time.

    On Tap View

    In addition to Swapping Kegs (See Mobile Ops Overview for more details) you will see two new controls:

    • Adjust Keg Level: This feature is not quite ready, but will be available soon.
    • Edit Keg: This will give you the ability to edit specific details about your keg.

    You will also see an additional button under your Location’s Hours. This is a toggle between your Location info and being able to Add a Keg to On Deck while still in your On Tap list.