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Point-of-Sales Integration, Mobile App, Big Screen Menu, Inventory Management, Analytics & Reports

Big Screen Menus

Show your Tap List front and center with customizeable options for your brand

Mobile Application

Free App for you patrons and Mobile Operations for your business

Point-of-Sale Integration

Real-time integration with your Point-of-Sale System

Inventory Management

Place Orders; Track Kegs and Deposits; Manage Your Tap Lists and much more


Know which kegs are making you the most money, in the shortest time

We Are Here For You

Are you tired of shaking the keg to see how much you have left?

Are you tired of having to update a print menu or make your chalkboard menus look perfect during a busy service time?

Using DigitalPour to track your inventory and give your customers your real-time offerings is fast and easy. With one click, you can update your fancy new menu boards, a consumer-facing mobile app, your website menu, your Facebook menu, your Twitter feed and your Point-of-Sale!

Run full page ads announcing your events and products or simply add your trivia questions for special events. There is so much we can offer you for a very low cost.

Have as many digital menus as you wish for one low price. We don’t charge you per display or tap number. You pay a low setup fee (we customize your software to match your operations needs, to save you time) and an affordable monthly fee for as many menus as you like.

We provide 24/7 friendly in-house customer support that comes with the cost of our subscription.

Give us a call, tell us what your pain-points are. We have many solutions to help you sell more product and spend more time engaging with your guests and not behind a computer. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Give Your Patrons What They Want

Put Your Tap List in Their Pocket

Interactive Mobile App puts your offerings in your customers’ pocket. Not only does this eliminate printing costs (and save some trees) but now your guests can see everything you offer and what is on deck. This will get more customers in your door with ease.

Pour the Beverages People Want to Drink

Know what kegs make you the most money in the shortest time. With customizable and interactive reports, easy-to-see analytics even show you how weather affects what type of beer people drink.

Have Your Menu Front and Center

Turn your TV into a digital beverage menu. Easy to use and inexpensive setup costs. Have as many digital menus you wish, in either landscape or portrait mode. Give your guests the ability to easily see what you have on tap in real-time.

Spend More Time with Your Customers, Not in Your POS

Intuitive and easy-to-use software to run your operations so you can spend more time engaging with your guests and less time behind the computer or Point-of Sale.

Fast and easy menu changes will update across all of your other platforms to give your customers real-time menu information.

Visualize Your Customers Preferences

Interactive analytic reports give you insight into the performance of what you serve.

Display metrics like average time a beer has been on tap; average generated income; and average profits/time on.

Group by beers, breweries or beer style. Show how each beer contributes to overall sales volume.

Beverage Performance Report

Know what beverages, producers and styles are making you the most money. Filter the report based on Style and/or Producer.

Keg Level Accuracy

See if ‘spillage’ is eating into your profits. Set up known loss percentages to automatically keep your sales reports accurate.

Daily (or even hourly) Sales Reports

See patterns in your sales volume, over time, by using beverage metadata or even the weather!

Know your peak sales times during the week.

Know how effective your happy hour and/or special pricing events are.

Easily see what kegs make you the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Inventory Movement Report

Determine which bottles and cans are flying off the shelves and which are just taking up valuable space.

Sales Report Based on the Weather

Ever wonder how your pours are doing across the seasons? Show daily temperatures in your sales reports and see what customers are preferring in the warm vs. cold seasons.

Mobile App

See who is pouring your favorite beverage near you. Choose to view DigitalPour locations from an at-a-glance Map view or from a geo-sorted List View.

See a location’s beverage list and sort it the way you like: by ABV, IBU, Style or Name. Get tasting notes for those beverages you’d like to learn more about.

Mark your favorite and see what other locations are pouring it in realtime. Write personal review notes; mark beverages “to drink”; or build a flight.

DigitalPour customers can use the Mobile Operations features to quickly change kegs with a few taps of your finger.

Point-of-Sales Integration

We are the only service with the most POS integrations.  Take a look at the list to see if yours is available.

Haven’t made a POS decision yet? No problem! We’ll be happy to discuss our experience and our customers’ feedback on which POS works best.

DigitalPour  Integrates  with POS’s  with no additional specialized hardware.


One Quick Step

DigitalPour updates the Point of Sale to reflect any menu changes including new product name, sizes offered and prices.

Point-of-Sales Systems We Partner With
Partner Testimonials

“DigitalPour is the best tap room and brewery system I have seen. The interface to Digital Dining is awesome and I believe the sum of having DigitalPour and Digital Dining result in a state of the art solution.” – Andre Nataf, Digital Dining


 “We are extremely happy to partner with DigitalPour. The integration is seamless and DigitalPour offers a product that our customers love!” – Tom Potter, Future POS


“DigitalPour did a seamless integration with POSIOS, bringing more added value to our customers.” – Philippe Yschaert, POSIOS


“Paired with Dinerware, [DigitalPour] is the Tap House/Brewery’s dream. It combines our easy to use POS functionality with a robust and graphical inventory management system. I definitely recommend this software for any establishment that is looking to save money and time through optimized inventory control.” – Even Brammer, Dinerware 

Our Promise to You

Live Human Help

You can call us any time for assistance.

Schedule tutorial sessions when it’s convenient for you.

Personalized setup and on-boarding to get you up-to-speed fast.

New Customer turn around time – under 2 weeks.

Highly Customized Menus @ No Extra Cost

Talk with us about your brand; what you want to present to your customers when they walk in the door; we can customize to fit your vibe.

Landscape or Portrait orientation are always available.

No Contracts

Enjoy the flexibility of a month-to-month relationship with us. We do offer discounts for longer commitments, but we can work with you on the best solution for your budget.

Discounts available for multiple locations.

Inquiry Call

Chat with one of our staff on whether DigitalPour is right for you.

15 Minutes

Live real-time demo

Let our experts walk you through all the features in DigitalPour. We’ll tailor our demo to what is most important to you.

30 Minutes

Add Your Beverage to Our Database

Easily add your beverage products to the DigitalPour database. Tap Add Now and fill out the simple form. We’ll do the rest.


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