How to authorize your social media accounts in DigitalPour Operations


Operations Program > Management > Settings > Twitter > click on twitter handle > Authorize > browser will automatically open Twitter to login and authorize > copy verification code > paste to DigitalPour verifier window > Save

Go To: Operations Program > Management > Settings > Social > Authorize > Save

How to Post Your Social Media on your Digital Menus

Twitter: Anytime your twitter handle is mentioned in a tweet, it will show on your digital menus and stay for 3 days. If you include a #, all tweets using that # will show up as well. To add a #, in Operations Program, Management, Settings, Twitter, Twitter Feed Search Criteria; list the # you want.

Untappd: Choose what beer you are drinking, check-in, add location, choose business name, confirm check-in. Your avatar will appear on the menu and stay for 3 hours.

Adding Your Tap List to Facebook

We offer a tap list for your Facebook page. Here is how to authorize the app:

Step 1: Open a browser and click this link:

Step 2: Login to your Facebook account (you must be an Admin of your business page)

Step 3: Choose the page where you want your tap list tab from the drop down.

Step 4: Click ‘Ad Page Tab’

You should now see your draft list appear to your Facebook page.

Special Note: Facebook does not allow third party applications to appear on mobile devices or on the Facebook mobile application. Download our free mobile app from your app store!